We hold no truths to be self evident

January 4, 2009

We hold no truths to be self evident.   All men are endowed by their creator the unalienable ability to advocate their positions – among these opinions on economics and political philosophy – and that to advance and refine their views, Reason and Logic must be employed.  Whenever incontrovertible evidence appears so as to render an opinion moot or inaccurate, it is the duty of the holder to alter or abolish it, and institute a new opinion on such principles as which may be tested.   Prudence, indeed, dictates that no belief is truly self-evident, and instead such belief must be forged and fired under the constant challenge of reason and logic to acquire the unmistakable ring of truth.  In this, and only this way may truth be accurately pursued.

This blog provides a respository of opinons and essays on the nature of issues and philosophies relevant to the events of today.  It is a reflection on times current, and with appropriate discourse, will hold its shape as it is subjected to the current of time.


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