March 7, 2009

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Ode to the Complacent

March 6, 2009

The more irreplaceable one considers oneself, the easier one actually is to replace.

Performance is driven by several factors.  Hunger for success, money, status, personal satisfaction.  A willingness to do ‘whatever it takes.’  Competence.  And a great deal of fortune – the proverbial fortune to be in the correct place, at the correct time.  This last point is too often unrecognized by those who have “made it.”

Once someone becomes comfortable in their standing, believing they deserve their position, that the do things that no one else can – they immediately become replaceable.  Once complacency sets in, those fellow competitors who were not in the right place at the right time, those still hungry souls who desire the positions they see at the top, offer immediate and substantial benefits over the staid incumbent.

The typical belief that one deserves their position because they are talented, hard working, competent, even brilliant is misleading.  Of someone who has achieved high standing and income:  these things are likely true.  They are pre-requisites for success.  But they are not guarantees of success.  Many others have these same characteristics, and are waiting for their chance.  And they are hungry.

We hold no truths to be self evident.   All men are endowed by their creator the unalienable ability to advocate their positions – among these opinions on economics and political philosophy – and that to advance and refine their views, Reason and Logic must be employed.  Whenever incontrovertible evidence appears so as to render an opinion moot or inaccurate, it is the duty of the holder to alter or abolish it, and institute a new opinion on such principles as which may be tested.   Prudence, indeed, dictates that no belief is truly self-evident, and instead such belief must be forged and fired under the constant challenge of reason and logic to acquire the unmistakable ring of truth.  In this, and only this way may truth be accurately pursued.

This blog provides a respository of opinons and essays on the nature of issues and philosophies relevant to the events of today.  It is a reflection on times current, and with appropriate discourse, will hold its shape as it is subjected to the current of time.